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            At Greif, we understand your packaging must protect product purity, comply with mandatory regulations, and most importantly, support safety. We have the right technology, capabilities, and people to meet the technical and regulatory requirements of the agrochemical industry.

            Rigid Industrial Packaging

            Greif offers a wide variety of large, intermediate and specialty fibre, plastic or steel drums or IBCs that offer a truly customized solution with the appropriate components for the agrochemical market.


            • Optimized specifications to match each customer’s needs regarding safety, costs and sustainability. Examples include Greif lacquers for steel drums which are compatible with a wide range of products. Additionally, a new barrier technology for IBCs, GCube SHIELD, to avoid product permeation which is available in jerrycans.
            • ISO 9001 registered CAR quality system
            • UN/DOT performance certification available

            Rigid Industrial Packaging
            Flexible Products and Services

            Flexible Products and Services

            Greif Flexibles provides a wide variety of FIBCs, container liners, and other flexible packaging to satisfy the technical and regulatory requirements of the agrochemical industry.


            • Complete portfolio of static protective FIBCs (Type B, C or D)
            • Hazardous goods can be safely handled and transported with full adherence to UN regulations
            • Our state-of-the-art, in-house testing laboratories ensure compliance and conformity to agreed specifications covering the entire production process – from incoming raw materials to finished products